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History of the group

Philly Streets Talk is a multi-media based company and has been in operation for 6 years (moving into its 7th year), they have created a loyal following by capturing interviews and entertainment throughout the entire city. The footage collected was produced and published on the Internet and Television and made available for the entire world to view (for free), with the primary goal of education and raising awareness.

In July, the summer of 2013, Philly Streets Talk began one of its largest projects so far, namely “The Philly Streets Talk Artist and Talent Expo”. The Talent Expo created a platform for artist of many genres (singers, rappers, dancers, poets, comedians, etc.…to). The talent Expo was/is a free community event that overtime brought out hundreds of performers and thousands of spectators. Philly Streets Talk gave away free food and water at many of the events and supplied the power (electric) and the platform (space) needed for the events, with no charge to the spectators or the artist.

This talent expo grew and became “Philly Streets Talk Live Concerts”.
In between time, the owners have participated in other charitable events throughout Philadelphia, through their participation in these charitable events and their filming experience, they were able to identify some areas of the city that were in dire need of help. In the early winter of 2014 Philly Streets Talk linked up with “Richard and Friends United in the Community” and found that their humanitarian efforts could be amplified and spread to the entire city with the help of their new found partners and of course the community. In the beginning of 2016 Philly Streets Talk Opened it’s very first indoor venue “The Entertainment Studio” to the public every two weeks. Throwing free shows with live performances, the performances are then edited and published.

Philly Streets Talk is now working on many projects including but not limited to; Food Giveaways,A Record Label (Philly Streets Talk Records), A magazine (Philly Streets Talk Magazine –International Urban News and Entertainment), A mini-movie series on Youtube (Philly’s Finest), and a youth mentor program with free training in graphic design, video production, photography, and lighting.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to create quality audio and video productions while at the same time helping to promote and develop artist of various genres. In addition we plan to allocate all available resources, donations and funding to the less fortunate people of Philadelphia. Philly Streets Talk believes that it starts with the children. We would like to start by improving the quality of life for the children, and teens and eventually entire families. Although this mission may seem daunting, we know that it all starts with helping one child or family at a time. We view ourselves as faithful servants doing the work of our Creator and we will continue to make positive changes in our community for as long as it is needed or as long as we are able.
(At least 95% of the services we have provided thus far have been free of charge.)




6108 Market Street Philadelphia Pa.

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